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Description:shafi swalahi against kerala mujahid leaders. voice of mujahid leader shafi swolahi, explaining about the gundaism of mujahid moulavees and state leader of kerala nadvathul mujahideen tp abdulla koya madani abdurahman salafi saleem chaliyam. The great tharkathul mujahideen wahabi. Knm msm ism mgm moulavi faction madavoor faction mujahid satate conference mujahid center cd tower kozhikode the leaders of mujahids are schollars or gundas. Tharkathul mujahideen of kerala, tharkkikkaanaayoru sangadana.
Tags:shafi, swalahi, against, kerala, mujahid, leaders, voice, shafi swalahi, shafi swalahi against, shafi swalahi against kerala
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