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Description:tubtimthong. .. name of the song haakwahrak pensaatsahnaa. .. ,. ... gobnoiyy really love to listen music and really want to keep all beautiful songs, and share with all everyone and all my friends, gobnoiyy wishes all you tube friends don't mind ,lets me, giving me a permission,please but if someone do not like it , please lets me know, gobnoiyy will respect your right and delet it out, thanks from the heart for all your nice and all your share. .. Especially kun sunaaree rachchahseemaa. gobnoiyy. .. No copyright intended all rights belong to their artist. the greatest singer of thai'scountry song sunaaree rachchahseemaa and our angel of music kun chahriin nuntahnaakhorn gobnoiyy made a copy from the great channel music. Love and respect for all. .. Please help support the artist by buy the real one, then you can take it with you listen everywhere you go.
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