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Anxiety took over my but NOT ANYMORE Videos

Anxiety took over my but NOT ANYMORE Tube Video

Title:Anxiety took over my but NOT ANYMORE watch?v=RdwvYNJMTyQ
Description:anxiety, depression, and panic attack disorder has taken a huge toll on my life. S. I started avoiding everything to the point where i could not even leave my room to go to the grocery store. I missed out on so many different things such as my senior prom and graduation that i decided i need to make a change i don't want to look back on my life regretting all the things i didn't do. When you say yes to things make sure it is safe and not illegal lol draw my life check me out dani noe merch twitter daniofficiall instagram daniofficiall tumblr beauty channel singing channel. So i am making this video to take you guys along my journey of fighting my anxiety i have so many goals and so many things i want to do that it is time to take the first step and start saying yes to more things and become more social again maybe this video will even help you guys if you are going through the same things this is just going to be one of many different anxiety videos so keep a look out for more xoxo dani p.
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