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Title:BRNO ZH 301 watch?v=N9ahIWzdX_4
Description:I never could find a video of a BRNO ZH 301 when I wanted one, so I bought the gun not knowing much about it. Figured I'd put one up showing the features of the Shotgun. I apologize for my wandering off while speaking, I'm not used to talking to myself and it's a strange feeling to talk to a camera. Also I mention the breech sliding back, I mean the breech block. As a side note I mention different barrels, well the 301 is full over full, the 302 is skeet, and so on. So the model numbers usually will indicate the type of choke.
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by Ritesh Patel
by Stray03Lol I know, I already explained to someone why I don't try pronounce it, I'd rather have people complain about my spelling it than people complaining about pronunciation.
by Ivan S.LipnicaDoes anyone know what choke is on the Brno model zh321 16 gauge???
by Stray03Yes it is a very nice shotgun, Just keep her clean and oiled.
by Stray03@jasauve I got lucky and found it at 375 but I've seen them sell for as much as 699. And yes it is money well spent. It makes a nice hunting shotgun, and I use mine for trap shooting also. Hard to find good over and unders for less than 500 dollars, and this one is good quality.
by Stray03What do you mean? How to fire the gun, or how to empty it?
by Stray03Oh you meant acronym, I spell it out because I figured massacring the name would piss off more people. Since only you complained and no one who watched it from the Czech Republic did, I figure I made the right choice.
by astren1000Really? It would be great! Do you have any Czech´s weapon?
by Stray03Are you talking about the wood grip in the front or the back? Cause in the front there are 2 screws to remove, the one that goes through the wood that you see, and one that runs through the breech face of the barrel and into the grip IIRC. The stock (in the back) has one screw running through it. If you can't remove the screw then taking it to a gunsmith might be expensive but better than destroying your gun.
by Lukáš HaubertI mean, when I want to clean it, it clicks empty. Sorry for my English, I try to take an example. If you have got a revolver, to shoot, you need to charge the hammer, if you haven't got cartridge in it, it will click empty. Same goes on the shotgun. When someone wants to put the shell in this shotgun, it will automatically charge the hammer, but if someone doesn't want to shoot ( Or somebody wants to clean it) it will click empty.
by astren1000"B" "R" "N" "O" is name of the city in Czech Republik. It should be read together. Sorry for my English, I am from BRNO... :)
by Chris CrunchThanks Stray, I found an arms dealer here in Ontario who just happened to have the cross bolt I was looking for, and I just installed it in the gun. Took the gun out for some trap shooting this weekend and had a great time with it.
by Stray03Can't find a replacement? It seems like a shame, they are nice guns and to have and having a moving grip must get aggravating.
by Chris CrunchHey there Stray, I lost the front screw for the front hand guard on my BRNO 301. Do you know off hand about how long it is? I found a CZ distributor (deals with new and old Czech guns including BRNO's) where I am and he thinks he might have the right screw, just want to confirm the length.
by Islay AitchisonB-R-N-O is a place name not a frinking anagram.
by Stray03If it's loose, movement from recoil can damage the wood. The gun won't explode, but you can cause more damage to the moving piece. If it's the forgrip then the stress can be placed on the long horizontal screw which can cause it to fail, or crack the grip, I would think.
by Stray03sorry about delay. The OAL for it is about 33mm or 1 5/16 inches the shaft length it is 1 1/4 inch or 32mm
by Stray03You mean when you are working on the receiver with no barrels in place?
by Subarublue1Got one and i hate it! that safety is in a very wrong place. I will never lern.
by Stray03vz-58 (commercial variant CZ-858) and the zh301.
by Stray03Just a "slip-on" by pachmayr I picked up at SAIL. Medium size fits, not perfect but it does the job of lengthening it for me.
by Stray03I actually like it there, if you forget to take it off, push forward with finger and it quicker for hunting.
by chrison mine the back front screw is snapped in half is it a huge problem it is fermenuf so the grip wont fall of it but it is is a bit wobbly
by Lukáš HaubertHey, thanks for vid, but how can I discharge it? Please answer.
by Stray03Definitely, I like the ruggedness of the shotgun, It is also my small game shotgun due to that fact.