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How to Crochet an Afghan Corner to Corner Afghan Tube Video

Title:How to Crochet an Afghan Corner to Corner Afghan watch?v=sNrS4s5C8vc
Description:So it gives it a really interesting effect and if you go up further you can kind of really see in this color trending yarn here that you can see that it's leaning over here this one is sunk down and then up and is sinking down but just because of the way that we're working with the stitches and this is a feature that comes with this particular project. So essentially all i'm just going to do is this i'm going to follow the edge with a slip stitch for one, two, and three stitches. Just kind of come up and remember this chain space right here i just need you to put your hook into that space, grab the yarn, and pull it through. All that will mean is that you're going to have a section with in the middle of your afghan that is all going to be the same. I don't want to leave anybody behind so i'm just going to continue along. So in this project today we're going to work on getting you started. And now simply fourth chain from the hook... This is now my new edge of my project. We're not ready for it. Just like you started. And remember that the first chain counts as a double crochet in the rules and that will come into play later on. You can actually stop one particular side from growing any further and continue to grow the other side to form that perfect rectangular shape. Just moving our way up. You can really clearly see your edges and then, that was a slip stitch, and then chaining up three and then three double crochets in. And below. Now you can see that i haven't touched any of the stragglers yet because i don't want you to, not yet. And now we chain up three one, two, and three and we work in the same chain space for three more double crochet. This is the hot pink and i just form a slip knot. I need you to double crochet fourth from the hook. Like this. I'm going to show you how to change colors as well so you don't have any ugly knots within your project. This is the corner to corner afghan. Just like so. So if you want to do a bedspread that or for a single bed or anything like that you can still do this concept. Very good. Let's move along to the next step. But in this particular one we are working on the corner so you got to remember that. So every time we start a row we're always going to do this chain six. So i'm having you hold it like this because now this string here is actually the real point of this afghan. So, this is the rule, remember what i've already said, you always start off a row by chaining six one, two, three, four, five, and six. So we now just finished off this line. So one, two, three, and keeping these stragglers so that they're in line with that whole stitching that the whole chaining area underneath we're just going to continue to trap them in. So let's do that next. We simply double crochet. But we're now getting bigger aren't we so what's going to happen is that we're not ready for an edge yet we have to keep going across. So you want to do three more double crochets in... This is a hot trending project as i kind of mentioned at the start of this video. And the reason for it is that essentially what happens is that this end side grows really quickly and then you get to the middle size where it slows down but once you decided that your you no longer want to grow it and you want to start growing smaller you're essentially doing less and less work by the time that you get to the end. And then we are completely done this particular project. You can actually do a rectangular shape instead. So essentially we now are ready for the next one so we just slip stitch to the next chain area. So just like i've been doing on the other side i simply just stop, i slip stitch in, this is my new corner, here, i turn my work and we chain or sorry we slip stitch three times into the edge. Just working my way across. So you always have groups of four. But what i want you to do is put the stragglers on top of the slip stitch just like so. And i allow one side to continue to grow and therefore you'll end up with the rectangular. We're not finished this row now. So essentially i'm going to slip stitch like i normally would but i'm not going to chain up three at this point i'm simply now going to turn my work. So here is the deal i'm going to finish off this round here or this row so that it's right in the center. It is so simple it is fast and it is fabulous. So what i need you to do is just take this piece and fold it. So for example say i want this to be more of a rectangular what i need to do is stop one side from growing so i won't let it go out any further but i'm going to start bringing it in on an angle. Ok so just look at it from this point of view. You get that so now i want you to change six again. And again, just working your way across like you normally would. We just cut our yarn and we just weave in our ends. So on the very final one that you just have you simply now chain up your three at this point and working into the first chain is three double crochets. Today is about a hot trending project that people are absolutely loving. And if i have any more stragglers i'm just going to drag the stragglers so that it's on top of that as well. So a very easy concept to follow. But i don't want that i want this now to be the final before i grow anymore. Com as well as the crochet crowd and how to do some of the basics of crochet. And now we're ready. But what if you didn't want an afghan that was square and what if you wanted a rectangle so in the next portion of this video i'm going to show you how to be able to change it so that you don't have to necessarily work this into a complete square. So now because we're collapsing i'm going to get faster and faster because there's going to be left one less box for every time i go on a row. Com as well as the crochet crowd thank you so much for joining me. Even though the other side isn't. If you're for looking for a project this might be it. So i would continue to grow this side by, you know, continuing to make as if we are growing. You don't have to but i do it just for my own peace of mind that i know it's never going to fall apart. It is a corner to corner afghan but that does not mean that your afghan has to be a square. I want to maintain and keep this from being any kind of lopsided. So we need to get this block done before we move on to hide those stragglers into position so you don't see any ugly knots within your project. So i have a slipknot ready and essentially what i would have done is grab this pink and pull it through but i'm going to grab the new one here and pull it through instead. That's a slip stitch. And there's always going to be three double crochets into this chain space every time you get a block. So let's just do a double crochet. So i'm just finishing up a line like you normally would but i'm not going to grow it anymore. And again chain three and then three double crochets. So normally what i would have done is slip stitched here and i would have chained three and continued so that i ended up with a piece that comes out like this. Remember that this knot never counts as one so let's begin to do that. So let's get started, right now. But you can see that this is a very easy and quick and really quite a fun project to work on. Throughout this tutorial i'm going to be using red heart with love and this is a fabulous yarn. I don't want to go any more than that. You can call them anything that you want to call them but we have one box and then suddenly we start here and then we move up and then we have two boxes and then we move up again and suddenly we have three. These make for really quick, super, and really fabulous baby afghans too by the way. So at this point i just need you to double crochet fourth from the hook. To begin we're just going to create a slipknot and remember there are slower tutorials available on redheart. And we double crochet with the total of three times because that chaining of of that first chaining that we have counts as one. So i'm still going to change my three and go in three double crochets in the chain three space. So just continue. Nothing using more than that. So one, two, three, four, five, and six. I have already ended on the other side. Now you didn't see me count that did you and the reason for it is that i'm currently working on this project and because of that i can just, physically, just see it. So essentially if i wanted this to be square i would end this right here. So let's finish this off first. Trap it into position with the slip stitch and then chain three again and then we're just going to move and do three more double crochets. One, just moving along, two, and three. So at the end of this run i'm going to show you how to change color. So essentially now you have these stitches that appeared like that when we started but the way that we just did it now is that it's just pulled it over onto its side. And so i'm on my very last one now because i do not want to grow my afghan anymore. And then we're always going to double crochet fourth from the hook. So you can kind of see we have a complete square going on this side now and essentially we are now going to be working our way up. So i would do that with the total of probably about two blocks. So when you're decreasing you don't need to worry about that six anymore you only worry about that six and the starting when you're increasing. You don't really need to so, if you run out of the same color in the middle of the line you can do the same procedure of just being able to join the colors so that you'll never see your stitches at all. One, two, and three chains. So we're just going to continue it along one, two, and three... Com as well as the crochet crowd. You can use any size yarn hook or yarn in order to do this particular pattern. And i've cut the pink off camera, this other pink, i've cut it and essentially i just want to turn my work at this point. So we're starting the next block aren't we so i'm just keeping these stragglers in the front so i can see them. Once you three double crochets total i should say. And remember it's the three double crochets coming back just like you see. So in this particular one now i want to be able to bring it so that both sides are now collapsing at one time. And that really ends up speeding along as you finish. And then slip it and then continue to go up but i don't want to do that. Here. The first corner you can say. We'll see you. See isn't that cool so we just got the one little box left. So don't be afraid to go and look that up. So without further ado, let's just turn our project like this. So every time we go across we're adding one additional box to each of this in order to form this gorgeous 90 degree angle. So you can really see that the stitches kind of turned sideways when we were working on it and it looks the identical on both sides. So we just count back one, two, three, and four. Now when looking at this we start off and we have one little section i call them boxes. Bye bye.. So you're a winner no matter how laugh and which way up this afghan is facing. So this is what you have so far. So you can see that it's starting to take shape as your corner. Let's not finalize it. So this chain is very important. This over here the chaining space here is where we want to play every time we're moving in the direction of coming across. Now in the rules of crochet or what we're normally used to is that the bottom area here the flat area is the bottom of your afghan. And then as soon as you get to the length that you want on this side you start saying okay that's it so on the other side you start bringing it in. And remember for more free patterns and ideas please check out redheart. So stay with me right now. Simply just keeping it looking like this. There we go and you should have two more stitches left over after that so if you're counting out. And it gets really quickly quick once you know to look for that. So we slip stitch chain three and then three double crochets into each one of the chain spaces that you have... So i'm going to now ready for the next one, so the next block is over here i'm just going to do the slip stitch. As well as i'm going to show you how to decrease and i'm going to show you a tip for making this either a square or a rectangle. So let me explain how that's going to work. So one, two, three, four, five, and six. And on this side you start bringing it and to make it smaller and hopefully that makes sense for you. So now we're going to chain up three one, two, and three. What i suggest though is turn the yarn label over look for the complementary hook size that there is asking for and then you're good to go. You just want to slip stitch, like there. So let's learn how to begin to decrease the size of these. And if you are making a barbie size bedspread for a while you'd already be done. Ok and if you know the rules it's now double crochet fourth from the hook. It can be rectangle. Com as well as the crochet crowd. Until next time on behalf of redheart. So it's simply now what we have to do, this is the end, we just fold it up and just like the, what we did before, this is the chain space that you have there. So, if you were to change color, this is where you'll do it at this point on the very final one. Doing a slip stitch ah... Let me tell you a little bit more about it before we dive into this tutorial today. So let's get started and we're going to work nice and slowly and get you off to doing another fabulous project. What we have here is that i need you to chain six. I can but i don't want to because i want to show you how to do a rectangle because i think more of you are wanting to do that. So essentially we bring up this next section this is the front the end chain here. We come into the end chain, we slip stitch, you can really start to notice that the pattern here. You have two more chains to work in so just one double crochet in the last two chains before you run into the bottom section like you have. So you have your end chain right here and then your three double crochet and again we bring it up and we, into this chain space, we slip stitch and then we chain up three again one, two, and three. So remember what we did i said we have to chain up six one, two, three, four, five, and six, and essentially we have to come fourth on the hook. We come along to the final one. And in that chaining space that we've already slip stitched to, right down there, is where we're going to put three more double crochets. Let's turn our work again. Ok. So here's what we're going to do. We're just going to grab not the single crochet the the chain and we're going to do a slip stitch. So i need you now to double crochet the final two stitches on this particular chain, just like so. So for this side i don't want... So today you will notice that their stitches going in this direction and then suddenly in the next line it goes in the other direction and the next line is over. We chain up three again one, two, and three and we come in for three more double crochets. So essentially, i was thinking to myself, i'm working on the rows like this but essentially what we're doing is we're working on the rows like it it's actually a steps going up. So they're now on top and now let's slip it and what that's going to do it's going to trap those stitches underneath of that slip stitch. I think most of you will have got the concept of this particular point. This could almost be a barbie size thing. Let's turn our work and remember it's chaining of six one, two, three, four, five, and six. Let's leave the final stitch undone like this and so that there's two left on the crochet hook and let's grab our next yarn in order to work with... So here is the stragglers at this point and i want to grab them and i want to seal them into position. Ok so there you go. So that's really kind of a neat concept as well. So you can see the 90 degree angle of the side of the afghan is starting to take shape. I'm going to grab my next yarn. And welcome back to redheart. So now i'm using the new pink instead. Remember every block is going to have three double crochets after you chain. So here's the deal here's where we are right at this moment and if i was wanting to make this a complete square where i would want to make sure that i'm going to end both of these from growing at the very same time. So essentially we have our chain here but this is also the base of our first block as well. Three double crochets and then we just simply slip stitch.
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