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EastEnders icon confirms exit but not all is as it seems Videos

EastEnders icon confirms exit but not all is as it seems Tube Video

Title:EastEnders icon confirms exit but not all is as it seems watch?v=w44BNZ6oCJE
Description:Theres still unfinished business with him. Hes a pawn in the game and he may be useful. eastenders continues on thursday at 7. He told the redhead ian stays. James willmott brown ian made peace with his family about his exit, though he might have spoken too soon. 30pm on itv.. Youre a resourceful woman. What youre gonna do is youre gonna go off and leave ian behind. I appreciate its not gonna be easy. Eliot carrington returned to his role as killer bobby in tonights episode, despite him only featuring on the screen of a phone. Nothings gonna happen to him, just as long as you do as youre told. The villain told max to use his contingency plan to get ian to stay and jane to leave, though max admitted he didnt want to. Nasty james wants ian to stay in albert square. To make sure his threat hit home, max showed jane a video of an unknown man filming bobby in his cell. He warned her dont worry. Threat max warned jane to make ian not leave with her. Danger could max do something to hurt bobby. eastenders icon confirms exit but not all is as it seems eastenders spoilers revealed max branning would urge jane beale to leave albert square to avoid spilling secrets about the fire. He paid jane a visit and told her it was only ever you i wanted out the way, not ian. Jane told husband ian about her desire to leave walford and they hatched a plan to move closer to bobby. Going ian beale announced plans to leave albert square with jane. In tonights episode, ian announced that he and jane would be going to visit former members of the eastenders cast christian and syed. In other scenes, max branning went to see james willmott brown, who instructed him that ian must not leave.
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