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Description:What is it if you start working, you should finish it. You are hungry, aren t you br eat this with me. Are you okay of course, i am. Br like a tofu salad hey jang man are you a social service worker are you a domestic assistant why do you serve food to just anyone you are my fianc e you are the fianc e of a top singer you needn't worry about weird dregs like them. At this rate, how am i supposed to find the recording why did they suddenly begin construction should you be roaming around like that what are you going to do if you get caught what are you doing in someone else's room i have something to say. I am waiting for you like this. Come back br please come back. That is my one condition for investing. Br i only love you. Br you ignore me. Br you look like someone who was farming. Br i am always open about it. It doesn't seem like you and br jin se ryeong are on good terms. I don't like you here. I are you going to buy cosmetics yes. Why would an international designer br invest in entertainment can i ask the reason why instead of a reason, i will give you one condition. It'll be best if you leave this house as quickly as possible. Yes, okay. You know her, right the creator of the brand, win. Jang man ok she doesn't worry me at all. Your talent at destroying someone is first class. And red on the inside. Do you have time tonight why are you asking if i have time suddenly there is somebody who wants to meet you, president. Come back. What is it huh ah it s nothing. with food is like this is why you have no appetite. By fair means or foul, br find out as quickly as possible yes. Mother yeah. Oh it smells nice but if you are giving me a present, br you can give it nicely. He liked her as if jin se ryeong br was the only woman in this world. I hello, hello. Director, it seems like you are working br a lot with the president these days. But, after looking at jang man ok's face, br that worry went away completely. What about me aren t you curious about me what who i met before br what relationship i was in who i like now aren t you curious about a single one of them no way you don t really think that i like guys, do you no who then, ask me. I don't like her i don't like i... Are you a stylist you really can t draw. Jang man ok, it seems you take br more care of kang hwi than your fianc. Back then, tae ik i like you, i am sincere. I i i want to have you, everyday. I i eat it deliciously even if you eat it alone. You are, after all, the fianc e of a top singer. I was photographing them making br them look like a couple... Wow it looks good how is it good i each person eats their own food. In korea, getting ousted is fatal. I don't. Are you really going to buy that that is really expensive. I am waiting for you like this. Pack it, please. Watermelon they are green on the outside... Br go in and sleep. Moreover, that is 100 pure cotton if you aren t going to wear it, give it to me forget it br since it is pure cotton, then i will specially wear it for you. Br you are my goddess. I m sorry, but i will call you back later. She said she's your fan. What did i ever do to you you know, there is something like that. What is this can t you tell from seeing br it s a t shirt. I m telling you this because you are in u entertainment, i was suddenly called to take those photos. But, when did she get to know hwa ming ah it s rice again i don t like it. I i let's have fun i i kang hwi nim i i since it's already happened, i don't know where you are going, but take me with you so that i can sightsee i i will you be by my side in the future like you are now i i i love you. At hotel h sound let s make it at 9 o clock. Director kim byeong soo yes, this is kim byeong soo. You seem to have forgotten... I was just worried about him jesus jang man ok don t you take care of your skin what how can your skin be like that it has become dark. If it's with hwa ming's power, couldn't she save you from this beggar like place what do you want to say if you want, i can introduce you to hwa ming. I am looking forward to it. Do you have something to say to me no. I have a lot of fans. Are you blushing man ok, your face really became red chaton chaton. A cute little bear that wears white fur clothes. Br she does everything as she pleases. After seeing the news about tae ik's engagement, br it's true that i was a little worried... Did you also hurt your hand hey what is it to you where i am hurt man ok, i m sorry, but i will get up first. Ah what is this what am i to do with all this food why is it so hard to see do i need to go to the hospital why do you have the lights off just like that. So, use it use it br i said use it you create a big deal even when i give you a present. Br someone like man ok... Jin se ryeong is in the room next to tae ik's that's what i said. About the details of this business, br i will contact you shortly as soon it is arranged. I will always look at you. Chaton, your mother's face became red. I can say it. I i your fame, full house and the person you love. There's no way tae ik would like such a plain woman. Rude bastard wow it s all done since it is expensive, br even the container is really luxurious. Ah, right... This was all... Se ryeong jin se ryeong br aigoo, why are you calling me a busy international star calls me first you've been well, haven't you it s always the same for me. What about kang hwi s whereabouts i m sorry, not yet. Man ok, stand up for a second. I i i love you, my love. Her personality is like that. How does 8 p. I am sincere when i say that br i want to start over with you. I told him about you and he wants to see you tonight. You act like you can t see me. I i hello, hello. You also said that you were sincere br when you broke up with me. Ah it must have been hard for lee tae ik. It seems like lee tae ik is finding it very uncomfortable. What does that mean oh, man ok, you look just like that. Can i really use this if you go around with bad skin, people will think that i made you suffer. If you show that photo, i may be hurt. That excuse me round eyes, and a small nose. Use it use it i said use it why are you being nasty noble and pure ha what is this br nobody else is at home what's the matter ah yes br this is lee tae ik's house, right yes, so it s parcel service. I will get you samples later on. Br yes, that i am always happy. Tae ik got engaged. I will organize a meeting. I i hello, hello. This is a little extreme. I heard that this time you are under br the same roof as president lee jun. Have you used this product before it is an intensive cream made from br rose oil especially cultivated in bulgaria. Sign br yes. Yes, client. I i hello, hello. That is because kang hwi is sick. Kang hwi we are about to launch our brand in korea at this time. You also worked on tae ik s photos this time. I am cumbersome because i see br right through that bad heart of yours. Don t even talk about it. I reveal it as soon as possible. Br we should have a dinner together with se ryeong. Moreover, they have seeds, which are cumbersome. Jang man ok, isn t there anything fresh uh... No... I you are my everything.. Where did you guys go out so early ah lee tae ik had a recording. Let's break up, i am sincere. I will make the arrangement accordingly then. I. Tae ik and who was it... Se ryeong was asked to speak for me as an invester and she arranged the introduction. Aren't i right hey, jang man what is this br it seems like he is into it. I oh i'm full indeed, food tastes good br when eaten together, doesn t it yes. Why br why don t you eat some more i lost my appetite. Se ryeong, se ryeong. Br and, you are even more so by being next to tae ik. Don't like people who are like watermelons. A parcel service arrived at our house. I i you are my everything. Br please come back. Wouldn t have had problems you didn t do that because you wanted to protect me. Whatever secret it may be. Br i suffered immensely. I like someone whose outside and inside are white. I need to start the shoot. Your face turns red because you are shy, br pretty little baby bear. Br how can you... On the small little black nose, if you press your lips on it. Br nothing then i will go in, too. If i'm not here, you think everything will go well with tae ik well, that's about right. I i i love you, my love. Why are you shouting ah thank you. That's why i am giving you so much investment money. If you don t want to do it, br i will look for another entertainment company. I i don't come out i i completely petty i hey hey hey i contract engagement i i jang man ok deceives me to the end br you betrayer i i won kang hwi, the best in the universe br you shine the brightest on stage. Why here's your present. I heard about it. Here what shall i help you with because of a sunburn, and because of fatigue, br the skin has become bad. I thought i was finally eating upstairs now anyway, that jin se ryeong is the problem but kang hwi nim yes why did lee tae ik and jin se ryeong break up are you curious why are the two bothering you we live in the same house. Br be by my side, forever. Please sign here. You're still the same, jin se ryeong. But why are you doing this suddenly br you re buying such an expensive thing you use it. Did you say you would invest in us yes. But jin se ryeong dumped him and left. I don t bother about them at all. A show would he like it he will like it you told me to come down. Yes, it so happened. Next time. What is this don t you know about giving preference to the patient forget it this is my house. So just know that do you really think of me as a cook this is all because of you you be quiet ah the soup is slightly salty. You are like that. So, use it that doesn t make any sense br petty, rude bastard is giving me this expensive thing what petty rude bastard no, that is because you normally don t br buy such expensive things. Chaton, come here aigo my baby hwa ming. I will accept your condition. As i have heard, your decisions are quick. I baek go dong stop the car. What use what br this yes, use it. We want to use won kang hwi br as the new face of our brand, win. We'll be there. Br i said that you re just cumbersome. You are purposely doing that because you still haven t gotten over me yet. Be quiet are you publicizing to people that i use samples ah i m sorry. And say a small wish. Is 9 o'clock okay with you all right. If you don t eat now, br there will be no food later. Br see you then. Just make my food in the future. You don't want to then, should i make it older sister and older brother um, kang won nim, our chaton is male. And, i've felt this from earlier. Ah, right and kang hw nim i could get busy starting from tomorrow. Then what is the photo hidden behind the photo frame you said that you are over me why do you have the photo you took with me when people were saying that you are gay, if you had shown that photo, you... I i let's do all the things that we couldn't do br so far when i was locked up in the basement. Sincere you seem not to remember. I... Director i'm se ryeong. Really you aren't a girl what difference does it make if it's a girl or a boy br as long as she's pretty. Tae ik ah you are talking about br the photos taken with his fianc e i guess the photos already arrived. Ah, yes br they are the photos taken at the studio that day. Br if you meet the person, you will know. I'm the father. That kind of sincerity for someone like you, do you really have any sincerity then what about you acting like this to me now, are you being sincere you still haven t gotten over me. I also don't know until when my lips will be silent. Please reinstate won kang hwi br into the entertainment world. When i am next to you... He would be. Yes. I i you are with me, everyday. Okay. You may know, but reinstating won kang hwi br in the entertainment world is not such an easy thing. Why would you br you wouldn't want me to be successful. Br you are my goddess. And the woman who is acting like his fianc e br were making such a long face. Why would you give this expensive thing br suddenly to me i m just giving it to you. Whether the other person gets hurt or not, br all that matters is whether you like it. As it is, you are a eye sore. I have become interested in your company. This is lee tae ik s manager from u entertainment. You've heard her name before, haven't you that unni's taste is weird. This season is the first time br this product is being launched in korea. There is definitely a hole somewhere to get in. Show me that, please. Can i ask you why it has to be won kang hwi won kang hwi is my muse. Never mind br give it to me so that i can wear it are you kidding me br if you gave it to me, then it is mine tae ik what are you trying to do until when are you going to be like this until when are you going to treat me like a phantom you are drunk. I be happy, jin se ryeong i kiwi studio what, on earth, did they send these were all taken on the same day yes, kiwi studio. When i find the tape recorder and the truth is revealed, i will be ruling the world of singers anyway. Contacting the president would be the easiest and most direct way. Excuse me br change your clothes and come back down. Me who someone who will give you power. Uh... I i you are my everything. Yes, they turned out well. Who did you expect would finish the job br that you threw aside like this from here, jang man, you do all of it. Director kim byeong soo asked us br to send them to your home. Are you jealous i'm not jealous. Won kang hwi, the best in the universe, don t you know i got to know her by being in br a couple of her shows in the states. She's in seoul right now. What why because of lee tae ik s solo album preparations. While living, there are people whose existence br you just hate for no reason. It would be weirder if i wasn t concerned. I saw the article about you returning to korea. No, it s just i thought it would be uncomfortable living br in the same house with a previous girlfriend. M. She brought in a lot of furniture as she pleased. Br i only love you. Give me a pack or some cream br that revitalizes the skin quickly. Okay. Ah seriously man ok, bring mine to the basement set mine separately in the future. I i stand on stage and get it back. Ah, i see. Lee tae ik liked her a lot. Hwa ming it's se ryeong. You aren t asking me to wear this, are you if you don t want to, then don t wear it you can t even recognize a br one of a kind masterpiece t shirt. I i i can't lose you for even a moment. T shirt it looks just like you, doesn t it br i drew that is this me by any chance yes.
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