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Title:Hinting That You re Queer Too watch?v=sfJxmorY4DY
Description:click here to subscribe to the channel. Just leave you have the drive oh, you uh, you got a little something. that's so sad. Oh okay. Dramatic spy music bro, are you reading this who is this guy his name is watts. Ugh and he still texts you, hmm yeah he's kinda clingy. you know i used to do drag in college really no, but, i always thought i could. Did he have something in his hair yeah. When did you break up uh, a long time ago. My ex boyfriend, whose a boy. There was an armed guard on the way in, its nothing i couldn't handle. I didn't see anything. I will, i just... This hard drive can stop worldwide cyber attacks. Stammers it's awkward. I love drag race. And, sorry, guys, it feels like i'm out. Watts uh, i've never seen it. And he says to me, a good suit ages like a fine wine, and like wine, its only worthwhile when its expensive. Hey, i'm also a total homo. Keyboard clacking oh, yeah, he's super gay. But you are gonna hit on him yes, but i don't want him to know that. Jesus christ. Awesome. It's not like the nsa to be late. Good, good, good. Laughter you guys talking about bars i love that bar, rawhide. intro jingle dramatic music geronimo. Yeah, rawhide is pretty wild. Okay, well, thanks for watching.. Ah, i love it. I think you and i have a lot in common. Now, how do i let him know that i'm queer too why don't you just say that ew, no. you know, maybe it wasn't grindr. you know, i always thought i'd really fit in that world. that's my profile. Are you really 24 yes. Yeah, it was a text from my ex boyfriend. Outro sting hey it's grant from collegehumor. Hey, how about after this, we could, um, hey, uh, you gotta a little something right there. It's the part, i can figure it out. I'll make the pull and pass it to you. I think you'd like it. Yeah, boy friend. Is that your type my type is any guy, okay any guy. Hey, maybe it was my grindr you guys ever seen grindr here take a look. Growls i don't know exactly what a haunch is. Holy shit. Well what was it over earpiece fucking stop it what was that uh, you know what i think that was my phone. No, i don't. Clears throat it's a fine evening for a party. Let me just see if he's gay. Me too. you know, i'm a little bummed its tonight, 'cause drag race is on. Oh, those fucking haunches. Do you have the drive see that gentleman over there next to the dame in red it's in his breast pocket. you guys ever been to rawhide watts i don't believe so. Just, focus up for a little bit. Am i out because i can like, i can see the top of the camera, so its, is this better alright, it feels worse. Do you have low standards what are you doing what's happening are you a shrink are you a therapist are you giving me therapy right here continues ranting excuse me, sir you have a phone call. Got it. Why because then its like i'm gonna hit on him. Thank you. It was there. Just, uh, any guy. click here for more fun stuff. God damnit. No, i just have to hint at it. Hey, dude please just spy, you know.
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