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Iran s new fighter jet Ghaher 313 unveiled Free mp3 Download

Iran s new fighter jet Ghaher 313 unveiled Free MP4 Video Download

Title:Iran s new fighter jet Ghaher 313 unveiled watch?v=FKFccu8PaIo
Description:According to haaretz, the blurry video published by the iranians purporting to show the qaher 313 in flight seems to show not a manned fighter jet but a small radio operated drone which agrees with what the designers said about the videos at the qaher 313 introduction ceremony. Credit lenziran newsvideo yt fair use notice this video has been posted to further advance our understanding of environmental, political, human rights, economic, technological, democratic, scientific, and social justice issues which constitutes a fair use of any such copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the us copyright law. Qaher has a payload capacity of carrying two 2000 pound bombs, or greater number of smaller smart guided missiles, or at least 6 air to air missiles in the category of pl 12. Iran has general electric j85s as well as a dozen other jet engines as a result of old northrop f 5s and other american aircraft in its inventory from pre 1979 as well as newer engines from russia and china. According to iranian government sources, the f 313 qaher was designed and is indigenously produced in iran by the aviation industries organization aio , a division of the ministry of defense, and iriaf. Section 107 for research and educational purposes. One of the models uses a propeller engine while the other uses a small micro jet engine. Iran also builds various turbo fan engines like the toloue 4 and toloue 5 for its uavs. A prototype version of the qaher 313 was been portrayed to have test flown at some point before the presentation. C. The aircraft design is a canard configuration. In accordance with title 17 u. Com noted vaguely resembles the boeing bird of prey prototype, but with a more faceted design similar to the 1970s era lockheed have blue that was developed into the now retired f 117 nighthawk. The qaher 313 persian also ghaher 313, conqueror tamer 313, q 313, f 313 is an iranian single seat stealth fighter aircraft publicly announced on 1 february 2013. Read more here. It features a downward wingtip device which flightglobal. Update iran's new fighter jet ghaher 313 in flight here the new iranian uav drone named fotros watch here islamic republic president mahmood ahmadinejad unveiled the new jet fighter qaher 313 conquer on saturday 2 february , claimed to be developed by ministry of defense and armed forces logistics. It was presented to the press by president mahmoud ahmadinejad and defense minister ahmad vahidi on 2 february 2013, as part of the ten day dawn ceremonies. According to the head of the design team, two sub sized models have been created and tested. It is stated to be a stealth fighter built with advanced materials with a very low radar signature and with low altitude operations capability. Two days after the unveiling ceremony, mehr news agency published the top ten features of the fighter jet project. The project manager is hassan parvaneh. Flight global also said, given the apparent small size of the aircraft and its single engine design, the qaher 313 could be powered by reverse engineered variants of the general electric j85 turbojet that iran is known to have in its possession. The models were shown in a video clip along with descriptions by the head of the design team the same day. The aircraft is designed with extra stability and so does not need a fly by wire fbw system. S. It was also claimed that the qaher can take off and land on short runways and has easy maintenance.
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