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Macron wins strong parliamentary majority exit polls Videos

Macron wins strong parliamentary majority exit polls Tube Video

Title:Macron wins strong parliamentary majority exit polls watch?v=AXZeo7AUsiA
Description:Could you run down the numbers for us well mark with almost all votes counted... This far exceeds the 289 seat threshold required to control the national assembly. exit polls in france show president emmanuel macron has won a commanding parliamentary majority after sunday's election. The socialists appear to have been crushed, with projections showing the current majority and its allies holding on to only 41 to 49 seats. Although the lrem's majority was lower than previously forecast, it still provides a strong mandate for the centrist president to pursue his pro eu, business friendly reform plans.. With more on this and other news from around the world we turn to ro aram aram after a strong victory in the first round of voting last week macron's republic on the move party looks set for a comfortable lead. macron's presidential rival and far right leader marine le pen won a parliamentary seat for the first time and her national front party clinched at least eight seats. The lrem and its modem allies won more than 300 seats in the 577 seat lower house. Voter turnout for both rounds of the general election was sharply down from 2012 and the second round was estimated to be around 42 percent a record low. Pollsters also predict the conservative republicans and their allies would form the largest opposition bloc with 125 to 131 seats.
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