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Sexual Harassment Allegations Could Be Legal Nightmare For Weinstein Videos

Sexual Harassment Allegations Could Be Legal Nightmare For Weinstein Tube Video

Title:Sexual Harassment Allegations Could Be Legal Nightmare For Weinstein watch?v=CNxsBmIYVV0
Description:Reporter as far as civil cases are concerned, the time line is shorter. She went to new york police and agreed to wear a wire which produced this snippet from a conversation. The old cases not likely he's criminally charged. Reporter two dozen other women accused harvey weinstein of assault or harassment including angelina jolie and gwyneth paltrow. Reporter former federal prosecutor and loyola law school professor says many states have statute of limitations on some sex crimes, in california, ten years for rapes committed before the first of the year, prosecutors can't charge someone for rape and other sex crimes that are decades old and many of the allegations go back to the early 2,000's and late 1900s. If there is something more recent. Rick this scandal isn't just public relations nightmare for weinstein and former company, it could be a legal and civil one as well. A. Final say were you the final say reporter the new york d. The problem there is not that the case was too old, the d. A. Was not confident in bringing the case. If we had a case we felt we could prosecute, and experts felt we could prosecute against harvey weinstein, we would have. Declined to prosecute. It is a spectacular fall from grace for a man one week ago one of the most powerful people in hollywood. You at least pick up your shirt and let me see your breasts. The descriptions from alleged victims are graphic. Pat cbs 2's randy paige with more on the legal side of the allegations and the massive amount of money at stake, randy reporter pat and rick, the answer to the question according to a top legal expert in southern california is whether or not harvey weinstein could be charged criminally or civilly has a lot to do with when the alleged attack occurred because if it is too old, it cannot be prosecuted. Reporter ambra gutierrez claims she was groped by weinstein in 2015. Determined harvey weinstein was not suicidal based on the statements he made to her. He was buff naked. Does that mean the fired movie mogul could face criminal charges someday soon depends where the actions took place and when. He could be. The sexual assault victim must file a lawsuit in court within two years, that means even.
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