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Description:It's going to take years. So he goes let's destroy that and bring the arsenal back up, reasons no one knows we know what the reason is, i will get to that in a second. So those 4000 can destroy the world several times over, it's a stronger arsenal, and thank god a safer arsenal, than the one we had in the 1960s. Nbc is now reporting that donald trump not only wants to modernize our nuclear arsenal at the expense of 1 trillion or more, he also wants to massively and probably impossibly expand the number of nuclear weapons we have in our stockpile. And he's in charge of nuclear weapons at the white house. So monumentally stupid. S. Back during the campaign if you google the worst answer in debate history i broke down his answer to the question by that conservative radio host hugh hewitt. I don't know how you look at that and think 4000 nuclear weapons isn't enough, but that's what he thinks. The reason he wants to do it is he wants to win, he wants to have more nukes than the other guys, which we already do, but he also wants to have more nukes than past u. He's like he's got issues. we know that apparently rex tillerson, secretary of state, called donald trump a moron. Don't do any research or learn anything, just say we should build 32,000 additional nuclear weapons. Anybody, you are a plumber, it doesn't matter, you know you would ask how much does it cost you don't just say i don't like it that i'm at the bottom of this chart. Nuclear proliferation and having some maniac, having some madman go out and get a nuclear weapon, that is, in my opinion, the single biggest problem our country faces right now. 1 trillion sure you can modernize these weapons we all say we will never need to use or whatever theoretically that would pay for how many times over public college for every single american again this is not a close issue. To give you a sense of scope, of how stupid he is, number one, even though we have a smaller number of weapons, and the chart seems to go down, they are far more sophisticated than the weapons we had in the 1960s. Nuclear arsenal. That sounds good. The scope of it is so out of bounds of reason and proportion. Yes, about the nuclear triad. The biggest problem we have is nuclear. That happened last november. You can't just say go spend trillions. He obviously has no idea what the nuclear triad is, but hugh hewitt asks him and here is his answer we have to be extremely vigilant and extreme the careful when it comes to nuclear. No, that doesn't mean we launch a nuke in the middle of iraq, which is an ally. What kind of a sentence is that, what does that mean and if the biggest problem we have is nuclear, why do you want to build 32,000 new nuclear, as you would call them so hugh hewitt tries one more time, very good, i understand the dangers of nuclear weapons, but what specifically about the nuclear triad, what do you think we should do in that policy he had a one line answer i think for me nuclear is just to the power, the devastation is very important to me. Even though it hasn't happened yet. And the other consequence is, russia and china will reengage in the nuclear arms race. We are updating our nuclear program right now, that's about a 1 trillion project, and that doesn't involve building 32,000 new nukes. So just because the number of missiles is down, it doesn't mean our capabilities are down. He ended, when asked about isis, can we say that you definitely won't use nukes he said, let me explain somebody hits us within isis, you wouldn't fight back with a nuke then no, you would be the first to use a nuke. But this is scary, other reports have said that he has looked for, quote, more usable nuclear weapons to be produced because he wants us to be able to use them without it being a big old deal, we know he apparently talked to a foreign policy expert and that expert was shocked that he asked multiple times why it is that america can't use nuclear weapons in conflicts. But if you are a republican think about it this way, if there are still the three of you left who are like, no, unconvinced trump is a genius, we just don't understand him. Is already wasteful in a way that is difficult to express. He could have answered about we need more subs but less bombers, whatever. He needs someone to hold his hand. S. We want to give you some historical data, let's show you this chart where you see the number of nuclear weapons, at least officially recognized, in our stockpile, and the events that have led to them going up or down. Is the three different ways we can strike with nukes submarines, bombers, and intercontinental ballistic missiles. What does that mean, go do it do what did you get it authorized, do you have the spending, is it in the budget it's not like running and getting him a soda. What kind of a maniacal fool would say something like that and he just says it like, no, go do it. The solution is pretty simple. You see that back during the scariest portions of the cold war, when we got the closest to actual all out nuclear war, we did indeed have between 25 or 30,000 nuclear weapons, but thankfully as a result of international diplomacy, the work of ngos, and other factors, that has been decreased to the still insane and scary number of 4000 weapons in the u. Now sure if you were to throw five or 10 trillion maybe you could build more facilities, but that's bigger than the apollo programs or the manhattan project, to build the sort of advanced nuclear weapons we would need now. That was already better than his whole answer. Asked whether he would use nukes, he started by saying i would be the last one to use nuclear weapons. And number two, it's one of the things republicans brag about the most, that ronald reagan did all these arms deals, he was strong, but he did all these arms deals that brought us peace, peace through strength was his slogan, and that's why reagan was so great. That is such a maniacally stupid thing to say. The nuclear triad if you don't know, that's okay you don't need to. I want to be on the top of the chart. That's right, when a madman got hold of some nukes and wanted to build some more. This is coming from a meeting that he had with some nuclear experts moron is probably underselling it. He said that decades ago. And he thinks that is fine to casually reference during a meeting. I will have fun hereby reading some of trump's quotes. Wait a minute, isis does hit us from time to time. But in reality it would bankrupt the country and make us far less safe. Nuclear changes the whole ballgame, the biggest problem we have is nuclear. So they go okay, the child is acting up, let's walk out, tillerson walks out and says the guy is a moron, what can we do let's just ignore it. Wouldn't a smart person, instead of saying i see the chart, i want as many nukes as eisenhower or nixon had, i want the nukes instead of that, wouldn't a logical smart person say let's do a little research, giving him the benefit of the doubt, i think we might be safer if we had more nuclear weapons i know it might seem counterintuitive but here's my logic. I'm not done, when asked about the nuclear triad, the question john was referencing, i will read you what he said. He thinks he ordered it, it already happened. Guys, can you tell me how much it would cost, how many facilities do we have to make them, how long do we have to make them, could it happen under my watch or is it a 20 year project what effect would it have on other countries right, would it affect other countries, treaties these are obvious questions you would ask. He is so childlike and ridiculous that in meetings like this usually the staff just ignore him and the generals ignore him, they go obviously we aren't going to do that, one expert was quoted as saying literally no one in the government or military believes that is possible or desirable, literally no one. Presidents because he wants to win. We have to get him out, the guy is an absolute now i borderline feel bad, because he is clinical, man. He is clinically stupid.. Now you have made the world more dangerous. And of course there is the tremendous expense, unbelievable expense, of trying to create 32,000 of the new kind of nuclear weapons we have, which are more expensive, etc. Now we know why, and it looks like rex tillerson was right to label him such. Everyone in the country knows i probably already know all there is to know about missiles. Right after he became president he said i have ordered a modernization of nuclear weapons, which was already going to be done under president obama it's way too expensive but obama was going to do it and he said thanks to that we are now much stronger and safer. Oh, they wouldn't know. We have elected someone that honestly is i mean, is so far below average intelligence that there's some chance he needs institutional help. You are not a military or political expert. Best case scenario, the second to use a nuke. He doesn't understand anything, particularly when it comes to nuclear weapons, and this was a guy who back in the 80s was saying he should be put in charge of negotiations over arms control with nuclear weapons, he said he would need between one and two hours to know everything you need to know about missiles, and fact i probably already know all of it. But he still seems pretty eager. He says he wants a tenfold increase, but as stupid as that is, how he did it is stupider you might think, well, our country is big, our military industrial complex is huge, and there's a lot of money, so i guess it's stupid but sure we can have them now except that this dummy doesn't know that we have one functioning facility that can produce nuclear weapons, and if you were to try to get to the number he wants of the 32,000 additional nuclear weapons it would take that facility 350 years to produce all the nuclear weapons. So he should just order the building of 10 times more nukes, they should just say they did it and call it a day, he will think it happened and he will never check.
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