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Description:bascially i am petrified of letting anyone use my laptop ever because i am afraid they ll somehow find something absolutely horrific or embarrassing that i had no idea was there. So in fact because i am genuinely intereested i asked you guys on twitter what are the sort of things you like to check out on the internet yeah i think im gonna stop asking you guys things like this hey grandma, what are you watching oh i think its one of your new internet videos daniel wait a minute grandma, nooo bye everyone bloopers permanently discarbing , a number of permanently discarbing , discarding disturbing disturbing disturbing, permanently disturbing. And the thing is there is absolutely no reason for me to be afriad of this i know i don't have anything incriminating on my desktop or anything permanently disturbing on my web history but this always happens oh hey dan hey you random friend or unwanted family member can i just check something out on your laptop quickly um what do ou want to do oh i just wanna check something yeah what did you want to check oh just quickly it wont take long yeah but what did you want to do like what program yea no thats fine yeah just go ahead yeah by all means sigh oh no its fine just yeah sorry uh you see i know for a fact i have nothing to actually be afraid of but then all of a sudden i start thinking oh god what if he finds that porn that someone linked me to or that sexy msn conversation i had when i was 15 oh my god i went on 2 girls 1 cup three years ago i mean technically that wasn't even on this computer but still i mean it never actually happens, they dont end up finding anything but i did spend 3 minutes looking heavily constipated and then the person leaves thinking im even more of a freak than they first thought but its just a friend you know i mean it wouldnt even be that bad if they did find something but when its a family friend or your grandma that wants to use the computer thats the one time when it might actually happen all she'll want to do is play solitare when all of a sudden 8 pop up appears saying horse sex in your area turnip penetration in the butt how many eels will she fit in her you get the idea then you end up doing a slow motion dive where you punch the monitor or your mum will want to see a picture that you have on your hard drive when all of a sudden she discovers your hidden porn stash that you previously didnt actually know existed but because god hates you it is now in the same folder as last sundays barbecue. Hey everyone and welcome to episode of reasons why dans a fail now today im going to talk about something a bit specific, but i hope you guys will still relate. Fuck my life i mean do any of you guys know what im on about like just being a teenager with an internet connection its statistically likely that you've come across a number of permanenatlety disturbing pictures and videos.
Author:Daniel Howell
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