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Zurich Airport 1991 SWISSAIR Videos

Zurich Airport 1991 SWISSAIR Tube Video

Title:Zurich Airport 1991 SWISSAIR watch?v=uzGS4ELTg0Y
Description:We will never forget and carry swissair forever in our hearts. In this video, filmed by my father, you see the swissair with all their proud md 11, dc 10 and 747's. Film images are copy protected, any abuse will be punished. What a great time. This is a very emotional video for me. It is the summer of 1991, i am 7 years old and here i was infected with the aviation virus. Soundtrack is from the truman show. By the way, thats me at 3 11 and 3 56 mins. It shows how it all began.
Author:Ruesch Productions Aviation Cinematography
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